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Apropolis Pastilles Eucalyptus & Honey

Propolis candies with the balsamic effect of honey and the invigorating freshness of eucalyptus oil so you can breathe freely.

Wellbeing for the throat and nose.

Without aspartame.

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Biocop Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal Biscuits 250g

Thick, crispy cookie made with whole wheat flour and oatmeal. They have a good digestibility due to their fiber content. Authentic rustic texture of whole grain cookies. With sunflower oil. 

To be eaten at any time of the day, as breakfast or snack. Also between meals or to accompany coffee.

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copy of GranoVita Organic Rice and Almonds...

Delicious drink based on organic rice and almods that does not contain any additive, sweetener or flavoring.

Perfect for direct consumption or to prepare delicious desserts! Sugar-free. Suitable for diabetics. Contains nuts.

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GranoVita Organic Oat Drink 1l

Organic oat drink with delicious taste and very good texture (has good body and very pleasant density).

It does not have any kind of sweetener, nor flavoring, nor added additive. No sugar. Suitable for diabetics.

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