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Khadi Natural Hair Color Senna-Cassia Colorless 100% pure

Gives your hair fullness and shine. Builds your hair structure.

Makes dark khadi hair colors more transparent. Refreshes all khadi herbal hair colors.

Contains no chemical additives, preservatives or artificial colourings.

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With Ayurveda Khadi products you can colour and treat hair with natural active ingredients. All Khadi products are free of harmful substances thanks to the rigorous controls and tests to which they are subjected.

Their herbal hair colors contain no preservatives, enhancers, lighteners or other chemicals. Please note that herbal hair colors are only recommended for head hair.

khadi Senna / Cassia gives shine, volume and tension to your hair and brings out your natural hair color to the fullest. As a natural hair treatment, Senna / Cassia strengthens and regenerates your hair structure. Therefore, it is ideal if your hair is dry, heavily strained, blonded or streaked - or as a pre-treatment before you dye with khadi natural hair colors. It builds up your structure with every application and ensures that your hair is able to absorb the natural hair color evenly.

The so-called "colorless henna" is actually none at all and is obtained from the plant Cassia obovata or Senna italica. khadi Senna / Cassia is 100% of it. The leaves of the plants are extra-finely powdered, so the natural hair care can optimally repair your hair structure.

The active substances from the leaves of the Senna plant encase your lengths and tips gently and fill up small damages. It gives your hair moisture and lets your color shine brightly. The natural hair care is 100% vegetarian and vegan - free of silicones, sulfates and Co.

Hair care with khadi Senna / Cassia is particularly suitable for you, if you love the power and the brilliance of the khadi hair color, but don`t want a change in hair color. It is completely colorless - for natural, beautiful shine.


Khadi vegetable hair colors are very easy to use and you will be surprised by the incredible results. Just mix the herbal powder with water (usually at 50°C) and apply the resulting paste to clean, damp hair (important to have used a silicone-free shampoo!). Then let it work (depending on the colour, between 30 minutes and 2 hours), wash and you're done.

Each package contains detailed instructions for use, as well as disposable gloves and a cap.

Under the tab "Attachments" you can download the colour chart and the instructions for use in detail.


To determine the temperature of the water when preparing the dye it is recommended to use the Khadi universal thermometer. This will make it easier to control.

Ingredients (INCI):

Cassia Obovata Leaf Powder (Cassia).


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