In this section we show you examples of very common products for which we indicate their composition and value each of its ingredients. The conclusions you can draw yourself.

Here are some examples of conventional and natural cosmetic products, so you can take a look at its components. We encourage you to review the composition of the products you have at home:

Here you can review in detail all the conditions for the product valuations that we show you.

In the Info of Interest section we present a description of the ingredients used in both conventional and natural cosmetics, with a detailed explanation of their functions and possible health effects.

If you want to know the valuation of the composition of a particular product that you are interested in or have at home, at you can obtain it immediately. If you have any questions about any ingredient or product, send us an email to and we will attend you as soon as possible.

And this is the legend that we have used for the valuations of the ingredients:

very questionable


some questionable


without valuation