About us

Our company

Tecuidanatura® is a family business, we come from the world of recycling with more than 13 years of experience in the reuse of printing consumables and distribution of office supplies, logistics, customer service, warehouse management and much more. Our other company is still operational today and thanks to a constant, serious and professional work we have managed to earn and maintain the trust of more than 15 thousand clients.

  • Trusted products
  • Quality in service
  • Expert advice

Our team

We have a very qualified team, we have university training in careers related to chemistry and renewable energy. Both professionally and personally, we have always been very committed to the environment and health. That is why we are now starting this new project full of enthusiasm and eager to contribute our bit to society and do it very well. We also want in this sector to be a reference for our customers and provide them not only quality products but also information and advice.

For the Canary Islands

As we are Canarians we know very well what it means to live on the islands in terms of online orders for products that come from outside. Most of the pages that offer their products in the mainland directly exclude the Canaries from their shipments. And with those that do not, the customs expenses and the long delivery times leave us clearly at a disadvantage.

We want to give coverage to all of us who live in these beautiful islands with a fast, close and efficient service and without having to pay excessive fees or customs fees. With our website you can comfortably ask from home, at any time of the day, review the characteristics of the products in calm, without hurry, without having to move, or park, or wait ... you can easily place your order on the web that we take care of the rest. ☺