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NaturGreen Fine Himalayan Pink Salt 500g

Vegetarian meat substitute - versatile. Rich in protein and iron.

From organic farming, without genetic manipulation.

Due to their high protein content, soya flakes are indispensable in vegetarian cuisine. Once cooked, the pieces of textured soya increase approximately 3 times in volume. No additives.

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Vegetalia Organic Turmeric Powder 80g

Turmeric is a plant native to India and is a common spice essential in cooking used as a colorant, for rice or any cereal.

It also has numerous health benefits. 100% Curcuma longa ecological. No additives or preservatives. 

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Vegetalia Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 80g

Cinnamon is known for its use as a flavour enhancer in cooking, in sweet and savoury dishes and in hot drinks such as coffee, tea or chocolate. 100% organic Ceylon cinnamon. No additives or preservatives. No additives or preservatives. 

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