Lotion - Cream

Lotion - Cream

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Cosnature MED Body Lotion Natural Brine &...

Formula with natural sea salt and organic chamomile extract that hydrates the skin and helps reduce irritation, tightness and redness.

Indicated for skin with dermatitis or atopic. Respects the pH of the skin maintaining its balance.


HierroAloe Body Milk Organic Aloe Vera

Light Aloe Vera lotion, 77% pure organic gel, with the scent of Sage and Melissa essential oil, which refreshes and reaffirms while protecting and hydrating the skin.

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Made in the Canary Islands, in El Hierro. 

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Khadi Organic Coconut Oil

Perfect for skin and hair.

Unrefined. Cold pressed. Heat resistant. High quality, 100% pure coconut oil. Moisturizing.

High content of lauric acid, one of the best products we can use for skin and hair.

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Drasanvi Body Lotion Organic Rose Hip

Its formula, based on Rosehip oil and chemotyped Geranium essential oil, helps to regenerate and firm the skin.

Its sweet and flowery aroma brings vigour and femininity.

Suitable for dry and mature skin.