Hair, skin and nails

Hair, skin and nails

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Drasanvi Sun Beads Beta-Carotene Capsules

Capsules to help the tanning of the skin. Always use with adequate sun protection.

Contains rosehip oil, tyrosine, beta-carotene, tomato, carrot, dunaliella seaweed, lycopene.

No added sugars. No preservatives. No sweeteners. Gluten-free.

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Drasanvi hydrolysed marine collagen COLLMAR Beauty

Due to its Biotin content, it contributes to the maintenance of the skin, hair and nails under normal conditions. Extracted from fish skins and scales.

It also contains microencapsulated evening primrose oil, borage oil, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid. Pomegranate flavour (natural).

Without preservatives. No colorants. No added sugars. Gluten-free.

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